Joanne is a regular speaker at conferences for institutional investors, registered investment advisors, and other financial professionals. See below some of her recent talks and the topics covered. Copies of the presentations are available for professional investors or registered representatives of broker dealers. Contact Joanne for more information.


“ Working Lunch: defined outcome etfs explained”, June 15, 2020

Defined outcome investing has long been popular in the institutional space, but now it’s available in ETF wrappers, and finding a growing audience. Joanne Hill, chief advisor for Research & Strategy at Cboe Vest and a founding member of Women in ETFs, offers a rundown of this space, as well as a look into the future.

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Exponential ETFs, January 23, 2019

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“Volatility – Dynamics, Dimensions, and Tradability”

Spring Investment Institute Forum, Raleigh Durham, N.C., May 23, 2018

  • Why Volatility Dynamics Matters – The Time Dimension of Risk.
  • Volatility Regimes
  • Dimensions of Volatility – Volatility Risk Premium, Term Structure, Skew and Dispersion
  • Volatility-Based Strategies to Enhance Risk-Adjusted Returns and Reshape Return Patterns.
“The Rise of Active Indexing: How ETF Investing Has Impacted Investment Management”

CFA Institute Annual Conference, Hong Kong, May 15, 2018

  • Fit of ETFs into the Evolution of Investment Strategies and Markets in the 21st Century
  • ETF Mechanics, Features and Why They Appeal to Investors
  • The ETF Landscape in 2018 -Assets, Flows, Trading, and ETF Managers
  • The New Active – Factor (Smart Beta) Strategies in ETFs.
  • Takeaways and A Forward Look at the ETF Industry
“Enhancing Active/Smart Beta Portfolio Management with Stock Option Writing”

Cboe Risk Management Conference, March 8, 2018

  • Covered call strategies as a means to shift an equity portfolio return profile from growth to income and lower portfolio risk
  • Factor & Smart Beta Strategies
  • Smart Beta strategies with options remodeling
  • Alternatives in covered call writing strategy design